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    • Al Hoff

      Applications Open   02/12/2018

      Our applications are open. You will need to apply and participate in an interview to join.

Open Applications

  • LEO Transfer

    Are you a LEO from a different community or server? Want to bypass our white-listing process and apply directly to our police department? Fill out this short application to schedule a meeting time to take our equivalency test to show us your knowledge. We will get you up to speed on our procedures during this process too.

  • Reckless911 Application

    Apply to join Reckless911 by choosing the department you wish to join and completing the following questions.

  • Important Documents

  • Need Help?

    Utilize our Help Desk channel in Discord

    You may additionally PM Al Hoff on the website or in discord if you are having trouble submitting this application.

  • F.A.Qs

    Q: How long do I wait for a response?
    A: It may take up to 48 hours, after that you may reach out in the discord.

    Q: Is there an interview?
    A: Yes we will conduct an interview with you by voip. Sometimes we allow individuals to play with us on our server, if all goes well that is your interview.

    Q: Who is in charge of Rekless911?
    A: Al Hoff and V. Putin

    Q: Where is the Discord invite link?
    A: discord.gg/77bReQf

    Q: Where are all the forums and topics?
    A: Once you become white listed you gain access to more forums.

    Q: Is your server white-listed?
    A: No, our server is not white-listed to join, however we keep the server unlisted. This allows us to invite guests to play with us and not have to worry about white list levels.

    Q: Is your server up all the time?
    A: It is online most of the time, but we congregate during scheduled events.

    Q: Do you guys use a trainer?
    A: Yes we do, and we recommend the lamda menu. Additionally we use ESX a framework that allows people to acquire vehicles and character building without the lamda menu.

    Q: How do I rank up in Reckless911?
    A: You will rank up within the departments you join. Leadership positions for the community are exclusive.